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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Aikido different from other martial arts?

Aikido is the only purely defensive martial art. This is not just a philosophical preference, the defensive nature of the art is actually manifest in the techniques themselves. We never meet force with reciprocal force. Rather, the Aikidoka learns to blend their movement with that of the aggressor causing them to
lose their balance and be thrown or subdued using their own power against them. Since Aikido techniques do not rely on physical strength to be effective, they can be learned and applied by individuals of all genders, sizes and ages. In addition, the techniques offer a wide range of response options from relatively gentle to devastating depending on the situation. In Aikido, there is no competition, no colored belts, no tournaments or trophies. Rather, senior students and Instructors are expected to act as mentors and help the newer and less experienced students.
Therefore, all adult classes are open to all ranks.

Can anyone do Aikido?

Aikido is great for all ages and skill levels. No prior martial arts experience is needed. At our dojo, we believe aikido is an immersive experience, so there are no beginner, immediate, or advanced classes. All classes are open to anyone who wishes to start or continue their aikido journey.

Do you offer kids classes?

Yes! Our Dragonflies program is for kids ages 5-12 years old. Instructors teach students about the principles and philosophies of Aikido along with fundamental movements and basic techniques. 


See our Dragonflies page for more info!

How much is a membership?

The monthly dues are only $105 and that entitles members to attend as many classes as they wish. We currently offer 11 classes per week including early morning, noon, evenings and Saturdays so each individual can set their own training schedule. We also offer a yearly plan (pay for 10 months and get 2
free months plus a free uniform) and a family discount of half off for each additional family member. 

How can I check it out?

Our doors are always open to visitors! Drop by during any scheduled class times and watch from our seating area, or if you’re up to it, join us on the mat. Please arrive ten minutes before class starts to meet the instructor.

Your first class is free.

Click here  for class schedule.

What should I wear to my first class?

If you’re interested in trying it out but don’t have a uniform, we recommend wearing gym clothes. Long pants or basketball shorts and a long sleeve or short sleeve tee shirt. If you choose to sign up, a traditional Aikido gi can be ordered for you through the dojo.

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