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     In it's fifty three year history, the Aikido Center of Atlanta has hosted annual seminars featuring many of O'Sensei's top students including second Doshu, the current Doshu, Yamada Sensei, Kanai Sensei, Sugano Sensei, Akira Tohei Sensei and many others. Although many of these legendary teachers are no longer with us, you can now experience their dynamic instruction in person! Thanks to the video archives of Dan Palmer Sensei (Asheville Aikikai), we will be sharing one of these historic classes on our website each week, starting next Monday July 20,with one of Yamada Sensei's classes from our 50th anniversary seminar. (You might even see yourself there practicing with your friends from all over the world!). Please join us and take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience Aikido history as taught at the Aikido Center of Atlanta! 

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